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Totten Trained

Totten Trained

A Preparatory Strength Program written by Leo Totten with a focus on Positional Strength in the Competition Lifts and General Strength movements.  You will be following specific percentages that compliment the other movements in the program to emphasize your development weekly as only USAW Hall of Fame Coach Leo knows how!  This program is 4x a week.


More on Leo Totten, MS, USAW 5, CAA::

  • Inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame, 2018
  • Recognized as one of the 65 most influential Strength Coaches of all time –
  • Senior International Coach for USA Weightlifting (Level 5)
  • Head Coach, East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
    • 9 time National Men’s Team
    • 7 time National Women’s Team Champions
  • President, WerkSan Barbells, 2005-2012
  • Over 20 years as Olympic weightlifting coach
  • Over 20 years as clinician for USA Weightlifting
  • Over 20 years training High School / College elite athletes
  • Over 30 years in Physical Education and Athletic Administration
  • Two Olympic Teams
  • Three Pan Am Teams
  • Five World Championship Teams
  • USA Weightlifting Coaching Excellence Award, 2005
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    $99.00Sale Price
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