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Lifts for L'Abbe!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Stephen, 21 years old, has been an integral part of East Coast Gold’s family over recent years having lifted in multiple National Championships, American Open Finals, and sweeping Silver across the board in his last Junior National Championships in 2018.

In early July 2020, Stephen was diagnosed with Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia, a very rare disease, especially for someone of his age. Treatment began immediately, in which Stephen responded very well, and will most likely continue treatment for the rest of his life.

Stephen and his family are extremely loving, thoughtful, giving, and passionate people, and have been huge supporters of East Coast Gold and USA Weightlifting. As their medical expenses continue to stockpile, we would like to do everything we can to ease the burden to allow the family to give all of their effort to fighting Stephen’s disease.

East Coast Gold is committed to donating our proceeds of our “Lifts for L’Abbe” Training Camp to the family in support. Details for the camp can be found HERE

Anyone who is not able to attend camp but would like to contribute to the L’Abbe Family can donate directly to the family below.

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