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McDanecdote Monday: Minus/Equal/Plus

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Brenden McDaniel

I can’t take credit for this one and Im not positive who to give the credit to but… I heard about this approach while training Muay Thai.

The idea is there should be people in the gym that aren’t at the same level as you (minus). It is good to use them as a reminder of how far you have come. If they start to pass you by, maybe it’s time to reset your focus and make some progress with your lifting.

There are people that are at your same level (equal). Those of you in that group should be advancing together, helping each other out. The equals are generally good training partners, as you will be able to push each other.

The last group left are those with more experience, refined technique, and may be at the level you hope to attain in the future (plus). They can be great motivators, they are fun to watch lift. You can pick their brain and learn something from the experience they have in the sport.

Remember you are always somebody’s minus, equal, or plus. Be a good training partner and be part of everyone’s success.

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