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McDanecdote Monday: Athlete at at meet: I’m freaking out … Me: So is everybody else

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Brenden McDaniel

I am lucky enough to work with everyone from first meet lifters to National champions. A huge takeaway that most people don’t understand is EVERYBODY GETS NERVOUS. This couldn’t be more true in the preparation leading up to and competing at a local meet. Everyone in the warm up room feels just like you. They had 2 bad reps the week leading up to the meet and questioned their entire existence. They are so nervous that they don’t know what to do. Everyone feels just like you do. My best advice is acknowledge the way you feel, know that everyone else does too, and go out and have some fun making lifts. It’s why you signed up. As you move up in the ranks of lifting even the best question them selves. They get nervous, and its for good reason, because they care about the out come. They have invested time and effort and they know others have as well and they want to go out a preform. It’s OK to be nervous, just don’t dwell on it.

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