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Phil-Osophy: Chameleon Coaching

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Phil Sabatini

Being both teacher and a coach I am able to see constantly how the carry-over between both is immense. As a teacher, I am evaluated based on how well my students learn. Why should it be any different for coaching?

We have many different cues, ideas, philosophies, etc. regarding training and coaching. Not all of them will have the same effect.

As coaches, not only should we take pride in how well we can articulate something, but we should also take pride in how many different ways we are able to do it! Whether we present things directly or indirectly, the outcome is the most important part. If our athletes don’t understand or retain what we deliver, are we doing our job?

Much like teaching, coaching requires us to be versatile in many different ways to get our points across. This could include how was say things, how we demonstrate things, what we say, when we say it, etc.. No coaching situation is exactly the same- Be adaptable, versatile, and patient! Be a chameleon!

Phil Sabatini

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