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Phil-Osophy: Experiment!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Phil Sabatini

Two Things That Will Enhance Your Training:

  1. Occasionally Training Alone

  2. Experimentation

Experiment with new setups, techniques, etc. and expect to fail when doing it!

While you are training alone, it serves as the perfect time to experiment with new things that you wouldn’t in a different setting.  Why? Because you are afraid to fail in front of people. Most people would rather resort back to an incorrect way of doing things instead of before they embarrass themselves by focusing on performing it correctly.  Take advantage of your alone time and improve the connection between you and the barbell.

Make connections between drills, hang variations, etc. to the actual lifts- don’t just do them to do them.

You don’t need drills to make adjustments- Drills and variations of lifts are to give you an opportunity to feel what the lift is supposed to feel like when it’s performed correctly, without extra confusion by adding more parts to the lift.  They won’t “fix” your technique unless you are purposefully carrying these over into the full lifts.

If you aren’t making the connection between the drills and the lifts, then you are just getting better at the drill.  Each drill has an intent- Focus on that specific part of the lift when performing the full lift and connect the dots between the drill and the movement.  

Also, learn to make adjustments from rep to rep, even in the same set.  If the lift didn’t feel right, make a conscious effort to do something different.  Performing the lift the same way every time will give you the same outcome every time.

Train with intent!  Every rep has a meaning, but it is up to you to hold yourself accountable and take your training beyond the physical adaptations.  

What will you be working on today?

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