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Phil-Osophy: Point and Shoot!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Phil Sabatini

I see it every day- PR weight is on the bar, the lifter gets psyched up and approaches the bar.  She bends down, pulls on the bar a few times, gets set and is about to separate the bar from the floor, and…. inhales, exhales…  inhales, exhales… inhales again, exhales. What is she doing?

Stop thinking!  Point and shoot!

What does it mean to “Point and Shoot”?  

Think of a shooter aiming the rifle at a target.  The longer the shooter holds the gun, the heavier it gets in their hands, the harder it is to stabilize the gun, the more thoughts enter their mind that distract the shooter, negative thoughts find their way in- instead of thinking about hitting the target, the shooter is thinking about NOT MISSING the target.

These same rules apply to weightlifting, to bowling, to beer pong, etc.  There is a time and a place to think. On the platform and at the barbell is NOT one of them.

In order to maximize your attempts, you must develop the proper steps.  These steps must also be consistent- every rep, every set, everyday, so that it becomes habitual and carries over into competition.  Be specific off the platform- create a pre-lift set-up that pushes you into a positive mind set about what you are about to do.  Approach the bar-, lift your gun, Point and Shoot!

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