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Phil-Osophy: What it Takes to Make the A Session

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Written By: Phil Sabatini

Friday Phil-Osophy is a post from Facebook from Dan Bell of Rubber City Weightlifting.

The following is meant for lifters who express the desire to be among the best in the country at the sport of weightlifting. It is perfectly okay to NOT aspire to that, but if you do and want to make your actions fit your words, the following list may be of some help.

A basic list of what it takes to make the A Session at USAW Nationals:

  1. Have talent. This may not show until you’ve been training for a while. Some people show their potential right away; some have to work at the sport a lot before it really shows.  

  2. Never miss scheduled training unless you are in the emergency room or you are truly sick. Never. That means not drinking at your best friend’s reception because you have a heavy day the next day. It means your vacations will consist of trips to exotic national-meet locales like Detroit and San Antonio. It means making school and work and your social life fit your training, not the other way around. It means putting a lot of things off or skipping them altogether because they interfere with your goal.

  3. Perfect the basics of recovery, that is SLEEPING and EATING. Get that right and all the other “recovery modalities” will be necessary far less often, if at all.

  4. Work the plan your coach gave you. Your belief in the plan matters more than the plan itself. That belief in your coach and the process functions much like belief in yourself.  

  5. Always always always put process before product. What you do every day will be what gives you a chance to be great. A chance. No outcome is guaranteed. Love the work and let results follow from that.

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